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Some of you are probably still wondering what the fuck are those DLC's available for download?
It's easy - they are small files with .dlc extension with encrypted download links. More here.

Why do I need them?
You don't, they just make your life easier especially if you already own a premium account (no captcha solving, download managers support auto-unrar etc.)

How do I use them?
1) You need to have download manager with DLC support like jDownloader or pyLoad.
2) Enter premium account in download manager settings (if you have one)
3) Download (ALT + left click will force download) and run .dlc, it should open in download manager
4) Profit
i've been woundreing y the last couple of weeks scenes didn't have any dlc's .. they truely made my life easier .. :)
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They were unavailable because safelinking completely updated both web & api and my old code didn't work
thanx admin.. also thank you for this great service .. :)
please reupload
so you gave up on hugefiles? such a disappointment.
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why would you say that? all releases are uploaded to hugefiles (unless the upload fails for some reason), and hugefiles will always be one of the hosts
Fine site, good work.
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you can extract the links in the dlc file here http://dcrypt.it/
please upload on realvid or played.to because other online player are banned in india

This site use to be good when Hugefiles was free too bad one less site to go to now, luckily I have another site that uploads good porn to Mega and openload.co .


Sorry my bad I stand corrected.. I didn't see you do upload to openload.co


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Hugefiles is not free anymore, admin can you add links from some free download website?

It is really tough to get a good resolution porn out from the links here. :(


Can you check the DLC link with safelink.net they don't seem to work anymore. The link test on their site says invalid link.


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its broken right now